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Kyte Powertech

Engineering Cavan
Kyte Powertech, Dublin Rd, Cavan. H12 KV20 +353 494331588 Visit website

Business Information

Kyte Powertech is a global leader in electrical transformer production, offering tailor made products, services and solutions for utility and industrial customers. Our distribution transformers are playing a critical role in enabling the wide scale roll-out of renewable energy and the integration of wind and other renewable electricity sources onto the grid. We provide products that delivers useable energy to businesses, homes, hospitals, and industry every day. Kyte Powertech is widely valued by its customers for its ability to engineer and produce high quality equipment to meet the changing requirements in the renewable energy network. The business has been effective in meeting market requirements to date with a production facility that has until recently had minimal investment. Kyte is an important employer in the region, and we are exceptionally proud of our heritage and multiple international accreditations.